Dolly Parton’s 2015 – The Top 4


1. Dolly Parton and the World Celebrated Dollywood 30 Years, from January to December 2015. During the celebration, a new roller coaster for 2016 was presented, Lightening Rod.     2. One Of Dolly’s life Dreams came true during the summer, … Continue reading

Dolly Parton worked with artist Sunny Malouf today…


Today the artist Sunny Malouf visited Dolly Parton, they worked hard together.  Dolly Parton & Sunny Malouf   Photo by Sunny Malouf  Sunny Malouf Dolly’s manager Danny introducing Sunny Malouf for Dolly.    Photo by CTK team  Is Dolly on … Continue reading

10 Things that makes Dolly Happy


8. Working
I am a workhorse, just like my daddy. I take great pride in working hard. I get a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction and happiness from a job well done.

9. Food
I have had a love affair with food my entire life. Southern cooking makes me really happy.

Dolly Parton