Saturday Guest: William Blevins WV USA



Tell me about the day when you became a fan of Dolly…

My earliest Dolly memory is this, my aunt Cherry Sue had an old canary yellow Camaro and she would drive my two cousins Genny and Jennifer and me around and she would play her Dolly tape and we would all sing along. This was probably in the early 1980’s. The songs that I remember most are Two Doors Down, Here You Come Again, and Me And Little Andy because we would all cry at the end of Me And Little Andy. My other early memory of Dolly is of watch Best Little “Chicken Ranch” in Texas on HBO for the first time and my mom tells us to “hide our eyes” on the parts she thought were too dirty for us kids. After that I was fasinated with Dolly. I guess I went from just fasinated to die hard fan when in 1987 my Mamaw took me to Dollywood for the first time and that was it I’ve been a major fan ever since. I just remember thinking how famous is Dolly that she has her own park.

Why is Dolly special for you?

Dolly is special for me because she embodies the kind of person who I strive to be like she is super famous but she had never lost sight of that humble little girl from the smoky mountains attitude. I think thats why I like her so much shes from the country and the mountains like me my mountains are just a little north of hers (West Virginia) but its the same culture. Her Songs also speak to my soul in so many ways.

Do you have any dreams of meeting Dolly?

I have not yet had the good fortune to meet Dolly but It is a major dream of mine to meet her. I hope to someday get that opportunity before I leave this earth. I’ve seen her up close at Dollywood once in the mid 1990’s and I saw her in concert in 2004 in Cleveland Ohio we had floor seats 13 rows from the stage but I never got to actually meet her and talk to her or get a picture with her.

Do you have any more goals to make about your dreams?

I guess to try and make to one of the Dolly Parades and try catch her in Dollywood is the best chance I’ll have to ever meet her.

If you had the possibility to go out with Dolly, what would you do?

I would just love to hang out on the front porch of some old cabin back in the mountians just Dolly her guitar and me. She could sing and I could try to sing LOL and get her to tell me the stories behind some of my favorite songs and what inpiried her to write them. Then when we were all sung out we would go inside and cook a big old country meal together and just sit and eat and talk and share our life stories that would be the perfect day with Dolly for me.

By: Diana Falheim