Dolly’s Hair part 1

I’ve always admire Dolly’s hair, it’s so beautiful… Here I’ll pick few of my favourites during the years. Those I like most are those with curls and with some extra details like rhinestones in the hair. Cheryl are doing amazing work and I know it take time to do this beautiful hair.


This curly hair is from the Blue Smoke World Tour in Copenhagen Denmark. I love Dolly’s hair.


This beautiful curly hair is from Dolly’s Better Day World Tour in Gothenburg, Sweden 2011.

This is one of many photos I took at Dollywood, In Pigeon Forge , Tennessee 2012. Dolly changed outfits and hair allot during the days she was there. I can’t wait to comeback to the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Dollywood 11 May 2012 Photo ©Diana Falheim

Dollywood 11 May 2012
Photo ©Diana Falheim

Dollywood 2013 News

U.S. Census 2000 reference map for Pigeon Forg...

U.S. Census 2000 reference map for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big plans for Dollywood 2013 .  Listen to what Dolly have to say about it!

Dolly’s annual Pigeon Forge parade will also likely moving back to May 10. Visit Dollywood and have a lot of fun!

Dolly Parton meet Ross King

Enjoy this great interview! And if you haven’t been at Dollywood yet, take a flight to Knoxville TN then you have about 40 km to Pigeon Forge, you’ll find Dollywood there and those awesome Beautiful Smokey Mountains…Life is so peaceful there in that city…The best time to visit Pigeon Forge is when Dolly Parton is there, When?  You have to figure out that by yourself 🙂