Don Henley talks about Dolly Parton 


Don Henley may have made a clumpsy joke about Dolly Parton according to News2 during his press conference “…saying the superstar from east Tennessee called to say she had a “medical issue” but was determined to make the Los Angeles … Continue reading

Life story as musical…

Dolly is writing her life story as a musical, she’s been doing that for severals years. This is what Dolly said on the press conference at Dollywood about the musical…

“I think about all my life has been,” she says. “I think about my humble days … I picture my early life in Nashville. I picture myself through the Porter Wagoner days and all of the stuff that went on with that. Then all the things like the Dollywoods and doing business with the big guys. I just picture it sexually, spiritually, successful, all things that I am. I am a coat of many colors.” 

The musical will also include several of her hits and songs she’s writing now at this time. 

We are several fans who can’t wait to see the musical, and hopefully a movie too…I’m waiting for a new book, if you haven’t read Dolly’s book : My Life And Other Unfinished Business . Do it now! You’ll LOVE it!