Dolly Parton is on Top Of the World 2014


I’ll give Y’all Dolly’s best appearance this year. It is an amazing year from Dolly on what she had Archived. 1. Blue Smoke World Tour: Glastonbury Festival: Only 200 000 was there to see Dolly’s performance. Dolly visited Europe, USA … Continue reading

Dolly Parton the Star Of the Year

Have you read the Interview in Heat Magazine with Dolly Parton yet? In this interview I found My favourite Christmas quote by Dolly

There’s an elevator in my house and I had it painted at the bottom like a chimney, so I dress up in my Santa suit. I have toys in a big bag and I come down in the elevator like I’m coming down the chimney. Every year I dress like that.

I wish I could see that one time in my life, I bet Dolly have an amazing time with her nephew’s and nièces during that special Holiday day


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