Tickets for Showcase Of Stars go on sale next week!


Next week for all Of you who have Seasonpass at Dollywood, the Tickets go on sale. If you don’t have a Seasonpass, buy one today so you don’t miss Dolly’s concerts at 8-9 August at the D.P’s Celebrity Theater, the … Continue reading

Multi – talented Ronnie McDowell presents painting to Dolly Parton


A Special moment with Dolly Parton NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 20, 2015) – Ronnie McDowell is highly respected by his peers and loved by his fans. Radio favorites and chart topper’s such as “Older Women” and “You’re Gonna Ruin My Bad … Continue reading

Little Sparrow

Cover of "Little Sparrow"

Cover of Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow is one of my top 3 favourite songs written by Dolly Parton. Enjoy the song of the day!

If I were a little sparrow 
O’er these mountains I would fly 
I would find him, I would find him 
Look into his lying eyes 
I would flutter all around him 
On my little sparrow wings 
I would ask him, I would ask him 
Why he let me love in vain – Dolly Parton

I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You is the song of the day, written by Dolly Parton around 1974 when she decided to not be on the Porter Wagoner show anymore and be a solo artist, this is written as an good bye song to Porter Wagoner. So beautiful!

I am always very involved in anything…

I am always very involved in anything that’s a part of me, and of course, I am very excited that 9 To 5 is coming to the UK for the whole musical UK tour. I wrote all the music and lyrics for it, so I am excited about that.Dolly Parton