Dolly Parton have a Big fan base in Tel Aviv…


According to YouTubes new analytics tool, Dolly Parton have a Big fan base in Dublin,Nairobi, Tel Aviv , Bucharest and London. ” Dolly Parton is the exception that breaks the rule – and she breaks it quite spectacularly. Her top … Continue reading

Dolly Parton is nominated at the British LGBT Awards


Dolly is nominated at the British LGBT Awards in the category Global Icon DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton, an American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, actress, author, and philanthropist, is widely regarded as the biggest female country music star of all time. Born in … Continue reading

Those pink cowboy hats that you see all through…

Those pink cowboy hats that you see all through the video and especially in Europe and London, [the fans] all want to feel like they’re a part of Nashville and a part of that cowboy country-western kind of look.Dolly Parton

Eagle When She Flies…

This is the amazing song for all the women out there in the world

Eagle When She Flies

Take a trip to Dixie Stampede while listening to this song of the day…

I’m Gone….

I’m Gone a great song for this beautiful day….

While enjoying this cool song don’t forget to enjoying your great day with a Starbucks 

Wildest dreams…

Enjoy the song of the day: The beautiful song  Wildest Dreams ….