Special Guests

Who do you wanna read about as a Special Guest here?

I Always looking for some kind of Connection to Dolly Parton When I’m doing My Special Guest interview’s…

Here are a few people I’m thinking of:

Trey Fanjoy

Rachel Zoe

Larry Ferguson and Chris Barnes fr Homesick Entertainment

What do you think about that?



Press release on Lulu Roman‘s new album produced by Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson. Featuring guest appearances by Dolly Parton, T Graham Brown, Linda Davis, and Georgette Jones. Available in stores January 15th or now via www.HomesickEnt.com


I know Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson fom Homesick Entertainment have produced a really Awesome album! What are you waiting for?

Dolly Parton duets with Lulu Roman in her song I Will Always Love You . Here is was Lulu said about singing with Dolly:

“What can I say?  This one is ‘da bomb.’  I was so honored to have my precious friend Dolly come sing with me.  It was truly one of the most awesome days of my life.  She lights up the room, spices up the atmosphere, and clears the air you breathe.  She is just as lovely as you think she is!”

This is what Lulu said about working with Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson:

“I’m so incredibly thankful for everyone who joined in to help me sing on this project.  And I also want to thank Larry Ferguson and Chris Barnes who produced the album.  Larry and Chris have supported me in my ‘dream’ to sing the standards and classics, with great enthusiasm and great belief in my ability.”

Dolly duets with Lulu Roman


It’s time for you y’all to listen to a brand New version of I will always love You . You’ll find it on Lulu Roman’s new album At Last produced by Larry Ferguson and Chris Barnes. I’ve heard they’ll sing your pants off at this version. Enjoy!

Buy it at Ferguson Music: http://www.ferguson-music.com/news/