Join Dolly Parton at the Celebration Of Dollywood 30 th Anniversary 


Today have Beth Hayes from WBIR Channel 10 interviewed Dolly for the Celebration Of Dollywood 30 th Anniversary. Don’t miss that interview tomorrow at 4,5,6 and 7.    Dollywood will also Live stream Dolly’s apperance with special Guests tomorrow at … Continue reading


Song of the day Downtown Enjoy!

Music just lives in me…

 Music just lives in me. Life is a song to me. I have the gift of rhyme, and I’m always trying to write and rhyme. Music is just natural everyday occurrence with me.Dolly Parton

I just always look for the…

I just always look for the good in everybody and the God in everybody. I play to that. And I just love people. I love the difference in people. I love getting to know people. I appreciate getting accepted myself, because I know I’m unusual. And I love the unusual in other people.- Dolly Parton

Mountain Angel

The beautiful song Mountain Angel by Dolly Parton is the song of the day. Enjoy!