Dolly Parton in Hollywood Hills 


This lucky Woman met Dolly Parton at a Dinner party in the Hollywood Hills residential this week.     In February you’ll see Dolly Parton as presenter at the MovieGuide Gala in Los Angeles.  By Diana Falheim,  Source: Instagram news

Dolly Parton talked to Beth Haynes WBIR


Yesterday Dolly Parton talked to WBIR’s Beth Haynes about her TV Movie Coat Of Many Colors, Instagram and Tennessee Football.Watch some parts Of the interview at Fox 43 10 o’clock news and WBIR Channel 10 at 11 today. Dolly Parton talks … Continue reading

One year since I met Dolly Parton in Copenhagen 

Today it’s one year since I met sweet Dolly and saw an amazing show, Blue Smoke World Tour visited Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 July in Forum. I remember it was a really hot day and Forum’s air condition didn’t really work at it should do.

I recorded that day a 3 min from that Concert.

Dolly Parton in Forum Copenhagen 2014
One Of my best day in life was that I met Dolly too 

By Diana Falheim

Dolly Parton worked with artist Sunny Malouf today…


Today the artist Sunny Malouf visited Dolly Parton, they worked hard together.  Dolly Parton & Sunny Malouf   Photo by Sunny Malouf  Sunny Malouf Dolly’s manager Danny introducing Sunny Malouf for Dolly.    Photo by CTK team  Is Dolly on … Continue reading

A future collaboration between Dolly Parton & Brandi Carlile? 


Dolly is so sweet, she really take her time to read letters from fans, this fan Of Dolly is also an artist who had the guts to give Dolly her own CD. I Love it!  I hope Dolly and Brandi … Continue reading