A lucky guy run Into Dolly Parton…in Los Angeles


This week a lucky guy run into Dolly Parton in Los Angeles, California.     Besides a Sunny vacation, I think Dolly Parton work with the 2:nd NBC Movie, Jolene in Los Angeles at this time…The first Movie Coat Of Many … Continue reading

Dolly & Carl ??


Today I found a funny quiz at the Swedish newspaper Expressen.se : http://www.expressen.se/noje/extra/har-du-koll-pa-hollywoodaktenskapen-som-haller/?question=1  about long time marriages in Hollywood. They mentioned Dolly’s 46 years marriage with Carl, with this photo. First time I saw that photo  I got a gut feeling that the guy isn’t Carl, my thoughts was that’s Dolly’s former Official Dollywood photographer Bill Cody . I might have wrong on that.  The guy is a country singer according to another fan of Dolly.Then I did a little research on how Carl looks like and found on youtube, that he got straight hair and this one have curly ones.

Here is the youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s66UiwSykFs

So is this the right Carl?