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Soon I’ll publish Backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour part 4 and the story of Make a wish…to the M & G with Dolly.

I do also have some thoughts Of bringing back Special Guest – interviews with those people who work in the Entertainment business…Until then read My interviews with David Blackstock, Camp Elaine, Alan Mercer, Connie Freeman Prince and The twins Gary & Larry Lane

Photo from Southern Living Mag

And I would love to have Dolly Parton as a Honor Guest too…

If your actions create a…

Dolly Parton accepts Woodrow Wilson Award

Dolly Parton accepts Woodrow Wilson Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.Dolly Parton

Wildest dreams…

Enjoy the song of the day: The beautiful song  Wildest Dreams ….

Gambling with Dolly Parton today?

If you wanna gambling with Dolly Parton today y’all can play bingo at or If you wanna have a real great time with your friends, You can walk or take the white limozeen to a casino close to you where you’ll find the Dolly slots machines! YAY! … Dolly said this in a press release :

“As you know, I love doing lots of different things and this is the most different thing that I’ve done so far. I’m very excited to be working with IGT with my very own video slot machines and five-reel spinning reel games.  Wanna play?  Well, come on!”

Well if you don’t have the money to play on those machines or instead wanna spend your money on collecting Dolly things….Or listen to a great song…Y’all will enjoying Kentucky Gambler!


Saturday Guest

Hey all my readers from all over the World like – Australia, South Africa, UKEgypt, USA; Brazil, Ecuador, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Finland, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Philliphines etc…! 

Keep your eyes open for this week Saturday Guest. Y’all will love this interview…I’ll give y’all more information about this guest later on this week…Yes I’m still working on some new Special Guests too.