3 Huge National TV Shows, Next Week! Featuring the “Lane Twins’ and “Hollywood to Dollywood”‏

I got a really awesome mail from the great Lane Twins Gary and Larry who produced Hollywood to Dollywood today. YAY! I’m so happy for this guys who make their dreams come true, let’s celebrate the dreamer in YOU!

Read my interview with the Lane Twins here: http://dollyfan.com/2012/07/09/special-guest-gary-and-larry-lane-producers-of-hollywood-to-dollywood/

BreakingGlassH2D (1) Gary Larry Marie Osmond

Here are what they have to say: 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have 3 big TV events coming up This WEEK!! Please Check them out, and help us keep Hollywood to Dollywood Alive! Along with our message of Acceptance and Inclusion!! Love, Gary and Larry
  1- – Monday, Jan 7th – The “Marie” Osmond show on Hallmark Channel.
  2 — Thursday, Jan 10th – The Jeff Probst show on NBC.
  3 — Early Feb. Ovation TV – Hosting a 6 part series on Dolly Parton called “Song by Song” which will feature clips and footage from Hollywood to Dollywood!
  4 — All of 2013 – We will be on a College Campus Tour with Leslie Jordan and Chad Allen – called “The Follow Your Dreams Tour” promoting Acceptance and Inclusion! – maybe we will be coming to a campus near you! 
As always, we thank you all for believing in us, and we thank Dolly for allowing us 16 of her songs in the film! and 10% of EVERY dvd still goes directly to Dolly’s Literacy Program – “The Imagination Library”
The Film is available on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Breaking Glass Pictures! 
Follow  our  Journey  at   www.hollywood2dollywood.com 

Gambling with Dolly Parton today?

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“As you know, I love doing lots of different things and this is the most different thing that I’ve done so far. I’m very excited to be working with IGT with my very own video slot machines and five-reel spinning reel games.  Wanna play?  Well, come on!”

Well if you don’t have the money to play on those machines or instead wanna spend your money on collecting Dolly things….Or listen to a great song…Y’all will enjoying Kentucky Gambler!


Hollywood to Dollywood update!

This is an update from Gary and Larry Lane who made the documentary Hollywood to Dollywood.


UPDATE!!! Theatrical, TV, and our Distribution Deal, UPDATE!!!

1 – We are going to be guests on a NEW NBC Tv show!! that premieres Sept 10th! We will give you a hint – 2 words – “Jeff Probst”

2 – We just signed an exclusive distribution deal with Breaking Glass Pictures! So you can look for the film EVERYWHERE first of Nov! (amazon, itunes, hulu, ect)

3- Hollywood to Dollywood Theatrical Release dates!! Just in time for Moive Award consideration!!! NYC and LA!!!!
We will screen twice daily at Quad Cinemas in New York on 14th Street in Manhattan Aug. 31 through Sept. 6 and twice daily at Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in Los Angeles on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood Sept. 7 through 13.


Special Guest: Gary and Larry Lane , Producers of Hollywood to Dollywood


Gary and Larry Lane , the Lane Twins, you’ve already seen them in movies like Zoolander, Spiderman and The Patriot, they’ve won $50,000 at Fear Factory and to finance the 15 songs by Dolly Parton in their documentary Hollywood to Dollywood they won $50,000 at  Wipeout.

At this time Gary and Larry have won 25 Awards for their documentary Hollywood to Dollywood. 

“Hollywood to Dollywood is a documentary of

chasing dreams down the road of life.”


Tell me about the days you met Dolly …

We met Dolly in 2001, at a cd signing for Little Sparrow.

Why is Dolly special for you?

We went to Dollywood throughout childhood, and always loved her, because our parents loved her. We first new who she was in 1983 when Islands In The Stream exploded on the charts, we were 8 years old. But our film Hollywood to Dollywood is our true tribute to her. Our story of what Dolly truly has meant to us in our lives.

Tell me about your documentary Hollywood to Dollywood…

We wrote a script for her, with a special roll we wrote just for her. We give it to her in the film!! And she blessed us with 15 of her songs in the film that carry us cross country to the 25th anniversary of Dollywood to try to hand her the script!!


The script is called Full Circle, and we hope all the hype around H2D, Dolly might consider doing the film one day! Celebrate the dreamer in you!! We are also excited about Dolly’s new book in November. Dream Big!! Because our dream came true having her and her music in the documentary of our life!!

By: Diana Falheim

Visit HollywoodtoDollywood.com , there you can buy the amazing DVD .

Update: Now you can buy the re-issued DVD, with bonus footage, what Dolly Parton thought about the documentary etc. Visit Amazon.com