Dolly Parton – Fashion Feminist Icon


” I could be very stylish if I chose to be, but I would never stoop so low as be fashionable” Dolly Parton, Smart Blonde     Read the great article about Dolly Parton as a fashion feminist Icon here : Dolly … Continue reading

Dolly Parton in Artcouture papier?


Last weekend I saw Artcouture by the fashion designer Bea Szenfeld at Dunkers in Helsingborg, Sweden. She have designed outfits for Lady Gaga, Björk etc. While I was there I got a thought that it would be awesome to see … Continue reading

Well, I have to honestly say…

Well, I have to honestly say I don’t keep up with a lot of trends. I don’t. I’ve never been a fashion horse. I’m so busy writing my songs, trying to maintain my business, and all the new things that come along. I stay working all the time.- Dolly Parton