Dolly Parton: The Billboard Photo Shoot | Billboard

Dolly Parton: The Billboard Photo Shoot | Billboard.

I’ve found the best photo shoot with Dolly and her amazing staff at Bilboard.

My Dream is to get My photos with Dolly signed.

Have a great weekend Y’all!


Silver Dagger

Enjoy Silver Dagger by Dolly Parton with a Moon Pie from Tennessee and a big Starbucks

Eagle When She Flies…

This is the amazing song for all the women out there in the world

Eagle When She Flies

Take a trip to Dixie Stampede while listening to this song of the day…

Better Get To Livin’

Better Get To Livin’ from Dolly‘s album Backwoods Barbie is the song of the day!


The Battle of New Orleans

Enjoy the song of the day : The Battle of New Orleans from the Dolly Parton show  from 1976.