Annual Whoadeo at Dixie Stampede in Branson, MO


“My Imagination Library ‘Whoadeo’ is a fun event for all ages. There’s nothing better for a child’s mind than reading, so it is my hope that with each book, the child will dream more, learn more, care and be more.” Dolly … Continue reading

If you’re lucky…

If you’re lucky, your dreams will never die, you may not always achieve them, but if you always have dreams and reach for them, you’ll never be a failure. I still have dreams of what I want to do next.- Dolly Parton

But I had a dream…

It wasn’t that I wasn’t proud of who I was and where I was from. But I had a dream, and I just couldn’t imagine myself [like my mother]. … I wanted to do something with my music. I knew I was going to leave when I was 18 years old.Dolly Parton

Win a Dream More book autographed by Dolly Parton

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Sometimes you see folks w…


Sometimes you see folks who have a negative view of dreamers – people who sit around all day on their hindquarters and do absolutely nothing. These folks aren`t dreamers – they are just lazy. To me, dreaming is just part of being alive, inspired, and curious about the world.- Dolly Parton

Love this beautiful quote 🙂