Special Guests: Gary and Larry Lane

Gary and Larry Lane were born in North Carolina, they’ve always listen to songs by Dolly Parton. Now they’re living in Los Angeles among other stars of Hollywood. Living their dreams and creating new dreams, one of them is to get Dolly Parton in their movie, in the meantime they’ve made an documentary Hollywood to Dollywood, where they gave Dolly their movie script. Now are Gary and Larry in a collaboration with Dolly and her Imagination Library.
Gary Larry Marie Osmond
You’ve released the Movie in a second edition, Tell me about this edition…
In the second edition of H2D, Dolly signed the contracts with us, and we paid her for all oof the music, but she also allowed us to close the film, with I will Always love You. which is just insane to us, and amazing!
BreakingGlassH2D (1)
What does  Imagination Library means for you?
Our grandaddy could not read or write up until he passed away at 84, same as Dollys dad, so to give 10% of every dvd sold to such an amazing charity, as the Imagination Library is in a way a tribute to our grandad. 
Gary Larry Lane2
In The Movie you gave Dolly and a few other actors a script, what are The future plans for this script?
We have the script on two different desks at Universal studios, but our dream would still be to have Dolly sign on to do it.
What are Your future plans?
We are also signed contracts with Ovation Tv! and clips of Hollywood to Dollywood will be played on Dollys new 6 part series Song by Song which premiers on March 10th! Our episode “Travelin Thru” airs march 24th, so we are staying in Dollys good graces! and with two National tv appearances NBC Jeff Probst show, and Hallmark channel – marie Osmond show, talking about the film, and Dolly! We continue to spread the message of “the amazing Dolly Parton” 
 xoxo Gary and Larry
By: Diana Falheim

Dolly Parton – Q & A on Good Morning America

English: singer Dolly Parton during a receptio...

English: singer Dolly Parton during a reception for the Kennedy Center honorees in the East Room Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dolly PartonQ & A on Good Morning America , Enjoy this awesome Q & A with Dolly, like I do with a Moon Pie from Tennessee and a great Starbucks on your side.

Dolly Parton Gives Fans a ‘Better Day’

Dolly Parton Gives Fans a ‘Better Day’ : I love this movie when Dolly Parton gave her fans a Better Day, I wish I where there in Nashville at that time…But I’ve had a few Better Days with Dolly Parton and dreaming to meet her more times.

3 Huge National TV Shows, Next Week! Featuring the “Lane Twins’ and “Hollywood to Dollywood”‏

I got a really awesome mail from the great Lane Twins Gary and Larry who produced Hollywood to Dollywood today. YAY! I’m so happy for this guys who make their dreams come true, let’s celebrate the dreamer in YOU!

Read my interview with the Lane Twins here: http://dollyfan.com/2012/07/09/special-guest-gary-and-larry-lane-producers-of-hollywood-to-dollywood/

BreakingGlassH2D (1) Gary Larry Marie Osmond

Here are what they have to say: 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We have 3 big TV events coming up This WEEK!! Please Check them out, and help us keep Hollywood to Dollywood Alive! Along with our message of Acceptance and Inclusion!! Love, Gary and Larry
  1- – Monday, Jan 7th – The “Marie” Osmond show on Hallmark Channel.
  2 — Thursday, Jan 10th – The Jeff Probst show on NBC.
  3 — Early Feb. Ovation TV – Hosting a 6 part series on Dolly Parton called “Song by Song” which will feature clips and footage from Hollywood to Dollywood!
  4 — All of 2013 – We will be on a College Campus Tour with Leslie Jordan and Chad Allen – called “The Follow Your Dreams Tour” promoting Acceptance and Inclusion! – maybe we will be coming to a campus near you! 
As always, we thank you all for believing in us, and we thank Dolly for allowing us 16 of her songs in the film! and 10% of EVERY dvd still goes directly to Dolly’s Literacy Program – “The Imagination Library”
The Film is available on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Breaking Glass Pictures! 
Follow  our  Journey  at   www.hollywood2dollywood.com 



Press release on Lulu Roman‘s new album produced by Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson. Featuring guest appearances by Dolly Parton, T Graham Brown, Linda Davis, and Georgette Jones. Available in stores January 15th or now via www.HomesickEnt.com


I know Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson fom Homesick Entertainment have produced a really Awesome album! What are you waiting for?

Dolly Parton duets with Lulu Roman in her song I Will Always Love You . Here is was Lulu said about singing with Dolly:

“What can I say?  This one is ‘da bomb.’  I was so honored to have my precious friend Dolly come sing with me.  It was truly one of the most awesome days of my life.  She lights up the room, spices up the atmosphere, and clears the air you breathe.  She is just as lovely as you think she is!”

This is what Lulu said about working with Chris Barnes and Larry Ferguson:

“I’m so incredibly thankful for everyone who joined in to help me sing on this project.  And I also want to thank Larry Ferguson and Chris Barnes who produced the album.  Larry and Chris have supported me in my ‘dream’ to sing the standards and classics, with great enthusiasm and great belief in my ability.”

There’ll probably have to be two…

There’ll probably have to be two or three little people because I started so young,” she says. “So there’d be a little Dolly, then there’d be a mid Dolly, and then an older one. I might even play that one myself.Dolly Parton