One year since I met Dolly Parton in Copenhagen 

Today it’s one year since I met sweet Dolly and saw an amazing show, Blue Smoke World Tour visited Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 July in Forum. I remember it was a really hot day and Forum’s air condition didn’t really work at it should do.

I recorded that day a 3 min from that Concert.

Dolly Parton in Forum Copenhagen 2014
One Of my best day in life was that I met Dolly too 

By Diana Falheim

Dolly sold out in record time at the Ryman 


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 20, 2015) — Dolly Parton proved, yet again, why she continues to break records around the world as she sold out the Ryman Auditorium in record time. The sellout ranks among the fastest in Ryman Auditorium history. Dolly … Continue reading

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all my readers and to Dolly and her Amazing entourage, here are my Top 3 favourites from my Dolly year 2014 1. Meeting Dolly Again : We had a Fun and enjoyable time at the photo … Continue reading

Coat Of Many Colors

In 2012 Was Dolly’s song Coat Of Many Colors added to the Library Of Congress National Recording Registry
The songs who are added to the Library are historically, Culturally or aesthetically significant.
The Library preserve the music for future generations.

One is only poor, only if they choose to be
Now I know we had no money, but I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors my momma made for me – Dolly Parton


You’ll find the Coat Of Many Colors in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at Dollywood in The Chasing Rainbow Museum.

The song is also a Book who have Come to be important in Tennessee tho’ it support Anti bullying projects in the state. Dolly talked about that during her Blue Smoke World Tour in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Coat Of Many Colors

Backstage Blue Smoke World Tour Part 4

I promised you to write about few of my favourite outfits that Dolly had bring with her on the tour.

Photo by Diana Falheim

This white dress is so beautiful. Dolly is beautiful in white outfits.


Photo by Diana Falheim

This yellow outfit is one of my all time favourites.


Photo by Diana Falheim

I love this dress, Dolly had it at red carpet Oscar. There’s a fantastic photo out there with Dolly in the dress talking with George Cloony …ooops I don’t know if I spelled his name correct tho’.

Next time I’ll show you some photos from the amazing show…and tell you a fun story too…

Dolly’s Hair part 1

I’ve always admire Dolly’s hair, it’s so beautiful… Here I’ll pick few of my favourites during the years. Those I like most are those with curls and with some extra details like rhinestones in the hair. Cheryl are doing amazing work and I know it take time to do this beautiful hair.


This curly hair is from the Blue Smoke World Tour in Copenhagen Denmark. I love Dolly’s hair.


This beautiful curly hair is from Dolly’s Better Day World Tour in Gothenburg, Sweden 2011.

This is one of many photos I took at Dollywood, In Pigeon Forge , Tennessee 2012. Dolly changed outfits and hair allot during the days she was there. I can’t wait to comeback to the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Dollywood 11 May 2012 Photo ©Diana Falheim

Dollywood 11 May 2012
Photo ©Diana Falheim

Backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour part 3

Tomorrow it’s two month since I got a really amazing squezzing hug from Dolly,  miss it alot and everything else from that day.

Dolly’s niece Hannah picked up us at the will call office and was an absolut amazing host during the day, she liked my bracelet alot ( I bought that at Lousiana art museum, but that’s another story with a connection to Dolly, I’ll talk about later )


Hannah , Steve , Diana Falheim

Steve came in the room and talked mainly about Dolly’s outfits.
Those outfits you see Dolly wear at magazines and red carpets; it’s outfits she only wear once then they’ll be at the Chasing Rainbow museum in Pigeon Forge,  Tennessee .
The stage outfits wear Dolly so many time she wants to, she’s the one who decide witch outfit and hair she’ll have at the time, private time also .


Steve, Diana Falheim

This outfit is one from Dolly’s early days, Steve hasn’t design this one, but I remember he said that this one is his favourite because the uglyiness make it’s so genious beautiful,  he loves this outfit.
Steve is Dolly’s designer.

Next time I’ll write more about my favourite Dolly outfits and maybe add some hair by Cheryl too.
Hannah’s hair is so beautiful,  by the way you might find Hannah working as stylist in Nashville.

Copyright photos by Diana Falheim, Copenhagen,  Denmark 2014