Dolly Parton have a Big fan base in Tel Aviv…


According to YouTubes new analytics tool, Dolly Parton have a Big fan base in Dublin,Nairobi, Tel Aviv , Bucharest and London. ” Dolly Parton is the exception that breaks the rule – and she breaks it quite spectacularly. Her top … Continue reading

Dolly might Tour 2014

Dolly Parton might Tour 2014 in Australia, Europé, USA, Canada, she Said that at The Imagination Library conference in Pigeon Forge

And it might also bea mini serie about her life on tv too… I’m looking forward to 2014.

Will they release a Dvd from The 2011 World Tour in Australia soon too?

Living a Lie

Enjoy today’s song of of the from the movie Straight Talk – Living a Lie… While you’re listen to this great song , grab a cup of some great Lipton tea….