Benjamin Walls exhibition at Dolly Parton’s Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort


At Dolly Parton’s Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort you can now go on an art exhibition, Benjamin Walls Gallery have the exhibit there.      Image by Friends Of Great Smoky Mountains National Park  Dolly Parton have also written the forewords to Benjamin … Continue reading

Little Sparrow

Cover of "Little Sparrow"

Cover of Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow is one of my top 3 favourite songs written by Dolly Parton. Enjoy the song of the day!

If I were a little sparrow 
O’er these mountains I would fly 
I would find him, I would find him 
Look into his lying eyes 
I would flutter all around him 
On my little sparrow wings 
I would ask him, I would ask him 
Why he let me love in vain – Dolly Parton