Dolly Parton announce concerts at Dollywood 


It was great to watch the live stream Of Dollywood 30th Anniversary Opening and the great Announcement Dolly delivered there at the stage. Dolly Parton at Dollywood 30 th Anniversary On August 8 – 9 Dolly will open the Dollywood’s … Continue reading

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all my readers and to Dolly and her Amazing entourage, here are my Top 3 favourites from my Dolly year 2014 1. Meeting Dolly Again : We had a Fun and enjoyable time at the photo … Continue reading

Congratulations Dolly for 50 Years in Nashville

Congratulations Dolly Parton for 50 Years in Nashville and the World working as an amazing artist, songwriter, actress, businesswoman etc… In the November issue Of the Billboard Magazine, there’s alot Of people and business who work and have worked with Dolly , they delivered some great messages to Dolly

Vote for Dolly at People’s Choice Awards here: Vote Dolly Parton at People’s Choice Awards here, Unlimited times!

If you don’t live in UK and want to watch Plantinum Blonde , do it here: Dolly Parton Plantinum Blonde BBC













It might look like I give alot Of companies comercial here, but that’s only because they’ve given Dolly Parton so much great credits for all the work she has done during 50 years in the Entertainment business…

Coming soon…

Soon I’ll publish Backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour part 4 and the story of Make a wish…to the M & G with Dolly.

I do also have some thoughts Of bringing back Special Guest – interviews with those people who work in the Entertainment business…Until then read My interviews with David Blackstock, Camp Elaine, Alan Mercer, Connie Freeman Prince and The twins Gary & Larry Lane

Photo from Southern Living Mag

And I would love to have Dolly Parton as a Honor Guest too…

I met sweet Dolly in Copenhagen 8 July


  I got a very Private and personal meeting with this sweet person Dolly in Copenhagen, Denmark , 8 July, she got a gift from me too and I’ll never forget Those beautiful eyes of happiness.  Loyalty means Everything for … Continue reading