I’m Diana Falheim and are a huge Dolly fan, a true Dollyite. Met Dolly and crew in Gothenburg 8/28/11 when she was on the road with the Better Day tour. In May I’ll travel to Pigeon Forge TN to visit Dollywood etc.
Here I’ll also do interviews with other fans who have met/ dreaming of meeting Dolly, share their stories. I also want to make interviews with her crew about their professions.
I have made interviews before, here are a few of them.

Visit my photo portfolio: search my name Diana Falheim at Prphotos to se a few photos Of Dolly Parton

Visit my photos also at: http://society6.com/DianaFalheim


 Few Of the Artist’s and composer’s I’ve interviewed for Esctoday.com and former Gylleneskor.se/ now poplight.se Katrina Leskanich 

Lotta Ahlin

Have an amazing day!

3 thoughts on “Diana

  1. My husband would love to meet Dolly. I was wondering if you know when Dolly will be home to meet who have been dying to meet her. We live in Wisconsin so I would like to plan a surprise for him to meet Dolly. When is she home to make this happen and would this be possible to set up. I have written before and have not had a reply to my email. Please let me know if it is you that I would arrange this with or who it would be. I would like to plan this in the coming year.

    Diane Force
    1236 9th Ave
    Antigo, WI 54409

    • Dolly will have a VIP meet & greet during her Pure & Simple tour in USA and Canada for X $, Check her tour dates on her official Facebook page.

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