Dolly Parton will debute in Lily’s Driftwood Bay 

Dolly Parton will make her debute as an animated singing chicken in the pre-school serie Lily’s Driftwood Bay. You can watch the serie in UK at Nick Jr, USA at Sprout and in Germany at KikA.

Dolly Parton as Noolen

Image by Sixteensouth TV

Dolly Parton will play the chicken Noolen for a special double episode in the Sixteensouth’s awards serie Lily’s Driftwood Bay . It begins in UK at. 6th June, Sprout in USA 27th June. Dolly Parton’s. Double episode ” The Salty Chicken” will air next year.

Noolen is a famous singing chicken, her luxery yatch get beached at Driftwood Bay during a storm. 

” I’ve never played a chicken before but I’ve been known to lay a few eggs! Noolen is a very famous chicken, probably one of the most famous chickens ever there was… You’ll just have to watch and see!”  Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton as Noolen at. The Lily's Driftwood Bay

Image by Sound Biscuits Studio

The Producer and Show Creator Collin Williams Of The Lily’s Driftwood Bay Says ” ‘The Salty Chicken’ was the first story outline  that we wrote for series two and it was always Dolly I wanted. It took me a year to convince her but what an honour to meet her, work with her and have her part of our special show. She’s an amazing and lovely lady- and a Lily fan too!”

Lily’s Driftwood Bay will premiering at KikA May 29th, at 6:40 PM .

By Diana Falheim, 

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