Dolly Parton’s Secret Husband…

11 things you didn’t know about Dolly – one headline on Dolly Parton’s Birthday, January 19th in GP – Göteborgs-Posten , a Swedish newspaper, I’ll here give you a little Quick review. 

Nr: 6 – She got a secret husband :  I have nothing to say about the sentences, they’re correct in that way that Dolly’s husband dosen’t wanna be in the limelight. But the photo Of Dolly with ” secret husband”, isn’t Dolly’s husband, it’s her friend and attorney Jerry Edelstein. 


Dolly Parton secret husband, with her friend and attorney Jerry Edelstein

Image by National Enquirer

At Christmas Dolly’s only wish is/was to find a new kidney for Jerry. 

It’s no secret that the newspapers don’t find any new photos with Dolly and Carl, so. They re-name every males by Dolly’s side with Carl even tho’ it’s her attorney, manager etc….

By Diana Falheim, 

1 thought on “Dolly Parton’s Secret Husband…

  1. Dolly I am really sad right now I lost a manager and good friend at Taylors Walmart Iffeel like a dagger went tru my heart send me a pretty song help me feel better love Linda Putman

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