Stella Parton honoring her sister Dolly Parton with the album Mountain Songbird: A Sister’s Tribute. It’s an album  with re- recorded songs made by The Icon Dolly Parton. The Mountain Songbird is Available through digital retailers here:   Stella Parton   The album also include the co- written duet by Dolly & Stella Parton ” More Power to Ya” . In February- March , Stella will make a UK Tour .

Stella said…

“I have been asked many times throughout my career to record an entire album of her music, but in my heart and mind, I never felt I could ever do her music or performances justice. So in the end, while making the decision to record this tribute album of eleven of my favorites, I decided to sing the story songs because they resonated with me the most,” 


Image by Stella Parton

 Stella had a thought Of why release the album Mountain Songbird on Dolly’s Birthday, January 19th.

Stella added

“I wanted this to come out on her special day. Dolly has always been my favorite songwriter, although I grew up in a family chocked full of them. It was indeed a daunting task to choose eleven of my favorite songs from a catalog so vast. I have chosen to sing them as sincerely and respectfully as possible and I hope you can hear that in my humble and honest approach to my sister’s beautiful songs. I am pleased and honored to share my sister tribute,” 

Image by Webster PR


Dolly said…

Stella is a great singer, entertainer and songwriter. All the more reason I am so proud she decided to do a tribute CD of my songs,” 

Dolly added…

“She was there from the beginning of my career and always complimented and encouraged me in my writing. I admire and respect the way that she chose to do my songs. She stayed true to the original spirit in which I wrote them and yet found a way to make them her own. I really love how they turned out and I think you will, too. It’s been a personal source of joy to be able to hear this loving tribute from one sister to another and just to be able to work that closely with her. I am especially proud of the song we wrote together “More Power To Ya”. I hope you will enjoy this CD as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it for you,”
The album Mountain Songbird contain these songs:



  1. Mountain Songbird
  2. In the Good Old Days

  3. Jolene

  4. Blackie Kentucky

  5. Coat of Many Colors

  6. Bargain Store

  7. Steady as the Rain

  8. Down from Dover

  9. Just Because I’m a Woman

  10. The Flame

  11. Seeker

  12. I Will Always Love You

  13. More Power to Ya

Feb 25 Music Hall, Aberdeen

Feb 26 Whitehall Theatre, Dundee

Feb 27 Concert Hall, Motherwell

Feb 28 Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

March 01 Gateshead Sage, Gateshead

March 02 City Varieties, Leeds

March 03 Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage

March 04 Alban Arena, St Albans

March 05 Princes Theatre, Hunstanton

March 06 Palace Theatre, West Cliff On Sea

March 08 Beck Theatre, Hayes

March 09 Capitol Theatre, Horsham

March 10 Concord, Eastleigh

March 11 Lighthouse Theatre, Poole

March 12 Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering

March 13 Orchard Theatre, Dartford

By Diana Falheim,

Source: Webster PR 

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