Help Dolly Parton’s friend Jerry Edelstein – Dolly’s Christmas Wish 

Help Dolly Parton with her Christmas wish…

Dolly’s Christmas Wish

” Dolly Parton and Jon Bon Jovi keep asking their close personal friend and attorney for many years, “Jerry, when are you getting your kidney?” He has been seeking a kidney for several years and if he is unable to find a donor in early 2016, his time is short. If Flood Sisters can find a donor with an O blood type, we could save his life. 

Public Good


Image by Webster PR


How you can help:

Spread awareness by sharing this campaign page with your friends and family
Share your interest in becoming a donor by emailing Jennifer Flood at

Donate to The Flood Sisters below and help us continue their mission

The focus of Flood Sisters Kidney foundation of America is centered on the idea of the “altruistic donor” or unrelated living donor. We have also created our foundation to help people in obtaining a living donor” ( Public Good ) 

About the floodsisters:

” The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation Of America was founded by three sisters on a mission to save their father’s life. They started this foundation to educate people on alternative ways in finding a donor for kidney transplantation. The foundation also hopes to bring awareness to the youth through educational seminars about donation.[…]” – 

2 thoughts on “Help Dolly Parton’s friend Jerry Edelstein – Dolly’s Christmas Wish 

  1. I was looking for address to reach Dolly about assisting a woman from Blount county Tenn. which joins Sevier where Dolly grew up. This woman is 29 and has Crohn’s Disease & is homeless with 3 kids. As I continued to read trying to locate information to help this woman, I read Dolly’s request making a wish for her friend Jerry. I have O blood type and would share with this person if it would match.

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