Christmas with Dolly Parton 

You know that Dolly Parton’s Movie Coat Of Many Colors will re- air on NBC , December 25 ? Now you know how to spend some part Of your Christmas…


Read these great reviews about the Movie : 


If you can’t get enough Of Dolly Parton , check out this Dolly Parton Billboard Top 100 Complete Chart History (1965-2005)

And after that spend your time with some researching and listening to Dolly Parton’s Music between 2005- 2015…

Another Christmas Movie’s to watch:

A Smoky Mountain Christmas

Unlikely Angel
Dolly Parton Home for Christmas
A Country Christmas Story
By Diana Falheim

1 thought on “Christmas with Dolly Parton 

  1. I have Dish TV and cannot find NBC could u please give me a number chanel to get the Coat of Many Colors. I really do not want to miss this great movie, that everyone is tlling me how good it is. PLEASE Send it to

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