The Joy Of Dolly in the Live Happy’s November/December Issue 

DALLAS, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Live Happy’s November/December issue, on newsstands today, is dedicated to family and forgiveness. In the cover feature, country music superstar and entertainment icon Dolly Parton shares the power of family and her “Smoky Mountain” roots as the foundations for her strength, values and trademark positivity.
Live Happy, the first-of-its-kind publication combining the science of happiness with practical advice from positive psychology experts to help its readers lead happy and productive lives, reveals the importance of appreciating all we have. Articles and columns share advice on gift-giving and receiving; explore the myth of work-life balance; explain how and why telling and re-telling family stories helps to connect us; and present healthy ideas on how to kick the holidays off on a positive note.

“As we enter the holiday season, our mission to provide our readers with inspiring stories, insights and tips so they can lead healthy, happy lives is more important than ever,” says Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy’s co-founder, COO and editorial director. “This issue reinforces the importance of family and friends; we tally the benefits of shared family traditions and give valuable, science-based advice on the healing power of forgiving past and present resentments and injuries.”

Among the features in this November/December issue are:

“THE JOY OF DOLLY” – Music legend Dolly Parton credits her parents and Appalachian upbringing for shaping her positive personality and resilience. She honors her family and musical roots in her new NBC autobiographical movie, Coat of Many Colors, named for one of her best-loved songs, and also shares what gives her life the most meaning: God, family and music.
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By Diana Falheim

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