Jewel and Dolly Parton ‘My Father’s Daughter ‘

The Music video for Jewel ft Dolly Parton My Father’s Daughter

 Dolly Parton and Jewel share the similar childhood experience.

“I’ve loved Jewel from the first time I saw her and heard her. She’s like a little sister to me. We have so much in common in how we grew up poor girls, how we feel about God, family and music. I am so proud of this duet with her. I think our voices blend like family. We hope you love it as much as we loved doing it.” Dolly Parton to


“I loved that Dolly always was very unapologetic about who and what she is. She was just very proud of who she was and where she came from, and that gave me a lot of courage as a young woman to say and speak my mind and to be exactly who I was and to be authentic.” Jewel to

If you want to see the video interview with Jewel, visit

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By Diana Falheim

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