Dolly Parton shoutout – Go VOLS!

“I want to give a shoutout to the Pride of the Southland Band. Thank you for playin’ some of my music today! I’m very honored and very proud and I think you’re great! Go VOLS!”– Dolly Parton to


Image by Webster PR

The University Of Tennessee’s Pride Of The Southland Band dedicated songs to Dolly Parton during the halftime, like 9 to 5, Coat Of Many Colors, I Will Always Love You and Jolene. Dolly Parton Cheering the Vols


Image by UT Vols /

In other news , UT Vols won over Georgia University 38-31 , read More hereKnoxNews

Do you wanna be a VOLS? Visit

UT Pride Of the Southland Band
By Diana Falheim

1 thought on “Dolly Parton shoutout – Go VOLS!

  1. With so many people not going to church these days, I am thrilled
    That Dolly will bring to all of us a sense of love and faith this coming
    Christmas season. We need more programs like this to send a message to our young people that there is more to life than all this
    Technology, clothes, Hollywood ,bombardous with.
    Thanks Dolly, your love of God and faith in humanity continues …

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