Kenny Rogers talks about Dolly Parton 

This Sunday, 27 September , Kenny Rogers will be at Dollywood to benefit The Imagination Library at Showcase Of Stars. To this day more then 72 millions Books have been sent to children between the age 0-5 in four countries. For tickets to Kenny Rogers visit Dollywood


“When we recorded this last song, ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends,’ I hadn’t seen her in two or three years. She came walking in the studio and it was like we were together yesterday. That’s the beauty of her personality. I’ve said this before, she has no filter, if it goes in her mind it comes out her mouth. I think that’s a great quality because people know where they are at all times with her and their relationship.”- Kenny Rogers to

Kenny also told that his 11 years twins prefer Dollywood before Disneyworld because the people are nicer and the food are better in Dollywood.

By Diana Falheim

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