The Band Perry Raised $75k+ to Imagination Library 

“I’m so proud to know that my Imagination Library has had such a positive influence on Kimberly, Reid and Neil, and I appreciate them coming to Dollywood to show their love and support!” – Dolly Parton to


Image by Webster PR

Yesterday When the Band Perry visited Dollywood’s Showcase Of Stars, they Raised over $75k+ to Dolly’s Imagination Library.

Kimberly and Neil talks about why they Love the Imagination Library to

“You never know how it will influence you in life. For the three of us and our writing, it was a big, big factor in the way we write our songs. You never know what reading a book will do to change your life. It’s a really great thing and we’re glad to be a part of it.” – Neil , the Band Perry to
“We are big believers in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. With Imagination Library specifically, the three of us grew up loving, loving to read. It was one of the greatest loves that we remember and some of the earliest memories that we remember.” – Kimberly, the Band Perry to

During the Concert, the audience got crazy and Happy when the Band Perry played Dolly’s World famous song I Will Always Love You .

Dolly’s friend Kenny Rogers is the final artist for Showcase Of Stars lineup, he will appear at Dollywood Sunday 27 September. For tickets visit Dollywood

By Diana Falheim

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