Don Henley talks about Dolly Parton 

Don Henley may have made a clumpsy joke about Dolly Parton according to News2 during his press conference “…saying the superstar from east Tennessee called to say she had a “medical issue” but was determined to make the Los Angeles video shoot…In the end, Henley says Dolly filmed for hours, thanking everyone on the crew before she left, and “I guess went back to the hospital.”

Don’t worry about that, News2 contacted Dolly’s publicist Kirt Webster, and she’s Travelling between LA, Nashville and New York , doing press for the Movie Coat Of Many Colors, that will air 10 December on NBC.

 This is what he really thinks about the lovely songbird from East Tennessee, Dolly Parton.
“Her voice contains everything about America. It contains so much history, the history of a people, especially the people of the mountainous regions of the eastern part of the country, it contains sorrow, and suffering and empathy and joy and love and compassion. Every time she opens her mouth—she’s such a tiny person—and the big voice comes out I hear this country and that part of this country. It’s such an authentic voice. It’s grown out of the land. The author E.L. Doctorow said we are neither all spirit nor all clay, we are both. And she is both, she is spirit and she is clay. I have tremendous respect for her and I’m so appreciative that I got to work with her… I’m not afraid to sing with people who can kick my ass, who are better singers than me.”– Don Henley Music Row 

Credit When I Stop Dreaming Music video with Don Henley and Dolly Parton

By Diana Falheim

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