Andy Warhol interview Dolly Parton 

” ANDY WARHOL: Where is Maura? Maybe she got caught in the parade.

DOLLY PARTON: Maybe she got hooked up with a horny leprechaun somewhere, dressed in green with no pants on.” – Interview 1984
This is an awesome interview Andy Warhol did with Dolly Parton , July 1984.  I’ll pick out a few sentences for Y’all to read before you head over to the whole interview. 



“MOYNIHAN: Would you ever appear in public without your wig?

PARTON: No, not in public. Well, I might without my wigs, but not without being dressed up, because people expect it of me as much as I expect it of myself. Anybody can be tacky. In fact, I’ve often thought that some spring, in some great magazine, that I might do a layout on the new spring fashions and not wear the wigs. I’m not a bad-looking person and I’ve got fairly good features. I have baby-fine hair, but I have plenty of it.”
“MOYNIHAN: How many songs have you written?

PARTON: I’ve published 3,000. Since I was five years old I’ve been writing songs. I started playing guitar when I was seven, I started making up stuff before I could write. I don’t have to work now, but I like to. I like to give it all away so that I have reason to work.”
“WARHOL: You have groupies who actually just follow you around?

PARTON: I don’t think there’s an artist on the road that doesn’t have groupies. I have a huge group of people who follow me from town to town. They know your show and they sit out there and sing every word you sing. They know what you’re going to do before you get it done.” – Interview, July 1984
Read the whole interview here and Enjoy! Interview Dolly Parton 1984

I’m Happy That Dolly still work even if she don’t have to do it. 

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