Dolly Parton in Artcouture papier?

Last weekend I saw Artcouture by the fashion designer Bea Szenfeld at Dunkers in Helsingborg, Sweden. She have designed outfits for Lady Gaga, Björk etc. While I was there I got a thought that it would be awesome to see Dolly in Artcouture made for special occasions like stage outfits or for magazines.

If Dolly feels and want to , to step outside her comfort zone when it comes to outfits, she could make contact with these two artist: Bea Åkerlund Costume Designer ( have worked with Lady Gaga, Madonna etc) and Bea Szenfeld Fashion Designer ( have worked with Björk, Lady Gaga etc). I don’t mean they’ll take over Steven Summers  work, only for some collaboration on a special project, and he got all Dolly’s dimensions.


Bea Åkerlund ,Costume designer/ stylist, Bea Szenfeld Fashion Designer/ Artcouture

Bea Szenfeld about her vision
B. Åkerlund about her vision
I can picture me Dolly’s Wigmaster extraordinare going in a creative euphoria in a collaboration with these   Artists. 
By Diana Falheim

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