Dolly Parton Pure & Simple 

“It’s just sacred ground to me. it’s like going home. It feels like your family; it feels like your mama and your daddy and your whole family’s just surrounding you. I just have a feeling in here that I don’t get anywhere else.” – Dolly Parton, Tennessean 


Credits: Rick Diamond . Dolly Parton at Ryman Auditorium 31 July & 1st August 2015, Benefit Concerts

Dolly Parton had two great evenings at Ryman Auditorium 31 July and 1st August. Steven Summers have designed awesome outfits for Dolly, my Top favourite is the Coat of Many Colors Dress. I Love Dolly in Everything with white outfits. All who works with Dolly’s outfits make an amazing job with it. Cheryl Riddle, you make the Hair lovely as always, where do you get all your ideas from? My favourites here are that Hair with alot of details on, Coat of Many Colors dress, and that curly/ straight Hair in white.

Dosen’t everyone Love to hug Dolly? Here are some celebs huggning Dolly during Meet & Greet….And I got some amazing Flashback huggning Dolly myself. Happiness! I feel the happiness in every photos…


Credits: Rick Diamond


I’m still waiting for how much these two benefits concerts got to Dustin Wells Foundation and Opry Trust Fund. Next week Dolly perform four sold out concerts during two Days at Dollywood to benefit Dolly’s Imagination Library. 

I wish Dolly do an Pure & Simple World Tour. For me I’m Happy with Dolly on stage. Little Sparrow is one Of my favourites Dolly do live: Dolly Parton , Little Sparrow at Ryman 

By Diana Falheim

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