Dolly Parton got a Leadership Award & Lifetime Archivement Of Sevier County 

Dollywood’s live stream was awesome! Dolly came out in a lovely White outfit and curly Hair. Great work Cheryl , Steve and all who make Dolly’s outfits/ Hair. 


She introduce the day by singing 9 to 5. Then a speaker for Sevier County gave Dolly a Leadership Award and Lifetime Archivement Of Sevier County for her Imagination Library.

Dolly also joked with the Local audience who been 30 years at Dollywood, that the Maybe need her Hollywood doctors.

Then Dolly brought out part Of her family, Debi Jo, Cassie, Heidi, Randy etc to the stage, talked about the show My People at Dollywood. The she sang Island in The Stream with her brother Randy. 

Dollywood is the Nr 1 Music park in the World. 

Dolly brought out Janelle Arthur and three More people to the stage, they sang sungs from the shows Fire on The Mountain and Paradise Road etc. Alot Of Dolly written songs where sungs like Tiny Tassel Top, Puppy Love etc. 


Dolly came back in a Blue / Gold dress, talking about Showcase Of Stars where Kenny Rogers will close the show at September 27.  Dolly begin the Showcase Of Stars at August 8-9 Pure and Simple.


Options 1: Buy Dollywood Foundation Sponsorship , I think it was 5 left.

Option 2: Contest Meet & Greet like 30 Days Of Thanks 

Dolly sang Jolene and joked about her husband, on May 30 they Celebrate 49 th Anniversary. Congrats Dolly! 

I Love Dolly’s humor, she puted in a Obama joke about the teleprompter, he is a better reader Of teleprompter than she is. 

For the NBC movies Dolly are working on , they still cast for the little Dolly. At Christmas the first Movie will be out, Coat Of Many Colors. Her favourite song. Then she sang Coat Of Many Colors and got emotional. 

Credits: Diana Falheim

At the end Of Dolly’s apperance , Dolly told the audience to pick up there cellphones so they could take a selfie and share with Friends. 


5 winnners won a night at Dolly’s suite at Dream More Resort , Dolly flirtig and joked with the male winnners to stay there with them. You are Cute Dolly! 

They also won tickets to Dollywood, Dollywood Splash County and Dixie Stampede, photo with Dolly and personalized Autographs. 



By: Diana Falheim, 

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