Dolly Parton in casual outfits

Dolly Parton in casual outfits – my favourites’ 

Recently we all have seen Dolly in casual outfits, that’s because she haven’t been on Tour or had made any media/ press apperance. Anyway here I pick my favourites, I Love Dolly’s taste for casual 


Credits Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

  1. I Love Dolly’s wild Style in denim and stripes, her purple nails fits her personality. My Dream is to meet Dolly in casual outfit, she can invite me to her Office tho’ I can’t run Into her here in Sweden…
  2.  Dolly in a Blue party dress in Nashville
  3. Credits Stacie Huckabe

  4. Dolly in one Of her Office casual outfits  

    Credits CTK Management

  5. Dolly at  

    Credits Katy K’s Design

  6. I Love Dolly’s outfit. Pure and Simple. 

    Credits Dolly Parton


By: Diana Falheim, 

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