A future collaboration between Dolly Parton & Brandi Carlile? 

Dolly is so sweet, she really take her time to read letters from fans, this fan Of Dolly is also an artist who had the guts to give Dolly her own CD. I Love it! 

I hope Dolly and Brandi Carlile make some collaboration, they’ll blend very well in their vocals and their way to write Music.

If I was Brandi, I’ve had made a business appointment right now with Dolly…

Brandi Carlile – The Eye


Photo by : Brandi Carlile 

Dolly Parton with the CD Of Brandi Carlile

Now I understand how rare my letter from Dolly is, that one I delivered to the Artist Amanda Jenssen- Illusionist , by the way , she is much Happy from that message from Dolly. ( I gave Dolly a gift in Dec. 2014) 


Photo by: Diana Falheim 

By: Diana Falheim, Dollyfan.wordpress.com 

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