Dolly Parton is in LA

Dolly Parton is in Los Angeles, at least she was there yesterday. I found the cutiest selfie with Dolly and a Happy guy who had run Into her at a thrift store in LA, close to LaCienega and Pico. On Instagram He wrote that there was only him and three other customers in that store, one Of them was Dolly Parton and her husband Carl Dean. They took a great selfie Together.

At Instagram you found the selfie at: herbeaford

Dolly Parton & Happy Guy


Dolly you are great with the selfies, I hope to do one with you too! 

I think Dolly is in LA working on her NBC 2 hours TV movies, tho’ her Coat Of Many Colors Movie will be released at Christmas on NBC. It’s a business/ vacation trip tho’ she spends time with her husband.

I want to be in Sunny LA at this time…

By : Diana Falheim, 

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