Polar Music Prize 2015 winner…

Yesterday the jury Of the Polar Music Prize announced the winner. Emmylou Harris won the Prize this year. It’s the first time in the history that the jury choose one from the country Music genre. YAY ! But then Again I didn’t understand why they didn’t choose the one who have made a clearly  impression in the World in the country Music genre and Music in general,  yes I’m talking about Dolly Parton . 

Congrats Emmylou Harris to the Polar Music Prize 2015!

This is what my Local newspaper Hallandsposten writes about the Polar Music Prize:

The Headline: Congrats- But the Prize should go to Dolly Parton 

A few sentences later in the article: Dolly Parton should be the first in the line, she have a major success and have make a clear impression at that genre,not least as a songwriter. Perhaps Dolly Parton is not enough presentable for the Polar Music Prize? Gloomy if it’s so tho’, the Polar had unarguably needed the Charisma Of Dolly Parton to come away from the anonymous existence.

Nominate this amazing songwriter/ artist here today! : Polar Music Prize 2016

Nominate this amazing songwriter/ artist today! ( Laborare omnia vincit )

This great quote by Dolly fits good in this situation. I Love Dolly’s metaphores. 

It’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World 

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