Internship opportunities at CTK

-Music Business/ Reception Intern

Are you a human Swiss Army knife? Do you have great organizational skills, and the professional wherewithal to take calls from label executives with one hand while making tea with the other?
Our interns man the front desk while taking charge of the variety of projects that come across it. They sit in on meetings, type up notes, and experience the business of artist management first-hand.

-Social Media/ Digital Strategy Intern

Are you particularly digitally savvy with a passion for social media marketing? Does a knack for IT support and video editing describe you to a T? Our Social Media and Digital Strategy intern works on a variety of projects for the artists on our roster, including the planning and execution of digital marketing plans and assisting in video shoots and interviews.

More information on how to Apply for Internship at CTK


If I lived in Tennessee I would apply for these Internship directly, tho’ I have those skill they’re looking for…And I’ll also make some strong Espresso to my co- workers, you need that When you work for Dolly and Other Artists at CTK Management.

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