Dolly about her husband Carl

This is beautiful quotes by Dolly about her husband Carl Dean,

Dolly Parton: From Here To The Moon and Back

“He’s very kind, very understanding, crazy, funny, witty. He’s a homebody… I have my freedom. He likes to stay at home and he doesn’t want me in his face all the time and I don’t want to be in it, so it works good! We’re very different and they say opposites attract… we respect each other’s space and we like each other a lot.”


“I take commitment very seriously. You find its importance to me in every aspect of my life, but where it is most important to me is in my relationship with Carl. Like everyone else, we have our ups and downs, but we have always been and will always be committed to our love for each other.”


“Our first date he takes me right to his mom and daddy’s house and says, ‘Fix this girl a plate, this is the girl I’m gonna marry.’ ”

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