Dolly visit Terry Richardson studio ( Bid on Dolly Parton’s dress)

Today at 12 th December, Dolly Parton visited the famous photographer Terry Richardson to take some new photos and now you have the chance to bid on his photos with Dolly Parton to support her Imagination Library

Bid on Dolly Parton Photo by Terry Richardson here

Bid on Dolly Parton Dress here

Photo by Terry Richardson



Dolly Parton has been a fashion institution since the late 1960s. From the polyester pants suits with embroidered flowers to the beautiful sequins gowns that cling to her unforgettable hourglass figure, no one can mistake dolly Parton’s style.

When photographer Terry Richardson decided to photograph Dolly, she requested that a one-of-a-kind creation be made that would showcase and support her many years in the public eye. This gown is that creation.

Custom designed and hand made by Ms. Parton’s personal wardrobe team, this silk, sequin, rayon, and fringe “Homage to Dolly” is sure to be the center piece to any connoisseur’s collection. Sizes available upon request.

Terry Richardson

Imagination Library

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