Dolly did the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge !

IMG_0063.JPG  Dolly Parton doing the ALS Challenge really great with some help Of her nieces Hannah and Rebecca  who was nice with the extra ice. Dolly did Challenge Everyone to donate so much $$$ as she did to ALS Associations around the World. Dolly is cool and generous.

I thought she would do this, after all she had run naked in front Of Tom Jones house years ago in Hollywood and been dared by Friends (Read More about that in her biography My Life And Other Unfinisched Business) 
Hmm….What can I Challenge/ dare Dolly in? I dare Dolly to talk one sentence in Swedish…

Visit to donate and learn More about ALS

Dr Robert F Thomas Foundation


Who won the The Dr Robert F Thomas Foundation Auction this year? The Auction was August 16 and I haven’t seen any news about the winner yet.
But this is the awesome price. I wish it was me who was the winner lol.

The winning bidder receives:

A three-night stay for four guests in the 2,200-sq.-ft. suite;
Four (4) Dollywood theme park one-day admission tickets with one complimentary Q2Q line management device;
Four (4) Dollywood’s Splash Country one-day admission tickets with one complimentary Time Saver line management device;
A one-day complimentary Riverside Retreat at Dollywood’s Splash Country;
Complimentary breakfast for four (4) at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort farmhouse-style restaurant;
Complimentary lunch or dinner for four (4) at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort farmhouse-style restaurant;
Complimentary admission for four (4) at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.;
Special transportation from Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort to each of the abovementioned attractions;
A special in-suite welcome gift from Parton;
An exclusive meet and greet with Parton;
Complimentary meals for the duration of the stay.

I also read somewhere that Dolly had donated 50 000 $ to Dr Robert F Thomas foundation, she’s also a honored chairmember Of the foundation. Then you might wonder where all the Money goes… Here is one place.


Backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour part 2

So we have come to part two of the backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour in Copenhagen,  Denmark.
When you look at the stage you’ll se lights very close to the roof of the arena, these lights hit the audience during the show, it’s people who isn’t afraid of heights who handle them with their hands.


Around the stage and on diffrent spots there are cameras who film the show, it’s not filmed spontanious. The camera people have a svript to follow during every song so Dolly are making several music videos during one show.
At the stage, The musicians and backsingers are using in ears but Dolly do it old school style ( no in ears) .
Behind the stage work the sound, light, monitors, microphonr guys and I’m sure it’s several more.


Diana Falheim

I think Dolly’s producer Mr Weels use this one on the shows.
Yay! I found Dolly’s Coat of many Colors stool and Appalaichan instruments.


Coat of , Diana Falheim

Oh by the way, yesterday it was one month since I met this sweet and spontanious lady 🙂


Dolly Parton Diana Falheim

On part 3 of backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour I’ll talk about these people and something more too 🙂


Steve and Hannah , Diana Falheim

Diana Falheim also at twitter: @Dollyfancom