I met sweet Dolly in Copenhagen 8 July



I got a very Private and personal meeting with this sweet person Dolly in Copenhagen, Denmark , 8 July, she got a gift from me too and I’ll never forget Those beautiful eyes of happiness. 

Loyalty means Everything for me so I’ll describe the meeting in a few words:

Spontanious, Happiness, Love and Fun = I had Fun with Dolly! I love her emotional hug : D

The whole backstage area was also fullfilled with Love and Happiness. Thank you management of Dolly , to letting me have a few more seconds with her.

Mr Handsome Steve also delivered me some positive news that made me relaxed before the meeting with Dolly.  I also saw sweet Cheryl doing the final touch of her masterpiece before the photo time. Love it!

I’ll write More of the other part of the day When I visited the Dolly Museum and walking on the stage where Dolly did a part of her work.



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