Backstage at Blue Smoke World Tour

Have you ever been backstage at an artist world tour?
If not, you’ve missed something spectacular…
Dolly travel with about 80-100 people in her entourage, it’s include so many professions. On every venues they coming to empty stages where they build up everything from scratch.
Dolly’s tour buses are special made to fit her by a by a bus firm in Europe. They’re leased so the buses rebuilds every time she’s on tour in Europe and Australia I think.
All I can see it’s that Dolly is surrounded by a great organization.
I can’t figure out how long time it’s take to plan a world tour.
It’s not all about the venues, it’s planning everyting from Dolly’s outfit, hair, hotell, etcetera .


By Diana Falheim

This photo was taken a few hours before the concert begun.


By Diana Falheim

Here is a few of all the buses on tour…still looking for Dolly’s lol…


BY DIANA Falheim

Dolly at Forum, Copenhagen Denmark 8 July.

Next time I’ll write more technical stuff about the stage,  the stage outfits, Coat of Many Colors, Dolly’s amazing staff at tour…Keep your eyes open

Dolly Parton + Jean Paul Gaultier

I just got an Idea of a perfume, wouldn’t be amazing if Dolly collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier on a Dollyized perfume serie like a Lover Du Jour ( I refer to Dolly’s new song on Blue Smoke album) . He got the perfect design of a perfume bottle, it’s only need too Dollyized the bottle a little and dress it from her hits, movies, red carpet etcetera, and Dolly’s own scent of the perfume.

It could be my two favourites in one bottle 🙂

A good idea I got this evening I think Rhinestone would be a fantastic movie today.

#DollyParton #BlueSmokeWorldTour

I found Dolly’s X

It was really fun to walk on the same stage as the blonde one…Dolly!


Dolly's stage

I found Dolly’s X on the stage, it’s pink 🙂


Now I understand why Dolly love to perform…

This is only a little tease on what I’ll write about the stage tour….

Read a book and have fun outdoors today!

#DollyParton #BlueSmokeWorldTour

I met sweet Dolly in Copenhagen 8 July


  I got a very Private and personal meeting with this sweet person Dolly in Copenhagen, Denmark , 8 July, she got a gift from me too and I’ll never forget Those beautiful eyes of happiness.  Loyalty means Everything for … Continue reading