2 thoughts on “I have a girl who does all my wigs…

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Stephanie. The thing I really love about Dolly is she is “genuine”–the real deal. And no amount of make-up or any wigs are able to keep her inner beauty, her love of performing and her genuine love for her fans and people in general, from shining through. A great talent has carried this once small-town country girl to international fame and fortune but never does she ever show anything but a happy, yet humble, appreciation for her success and the people who made it possible. Underneath the wigs and make-up is one really very beautiful, talented person who is just as beautiful to behold with them on–maybe more so. (At least for old men, like me 🙂 ) Yep, Dolly is one genuine doll — inside and out..

  2. I wonder how she looks without the wig now. I have contemplated that as I look at the photo of us. How does she look under all that. I betcha she looks wonderful! Any way she is. Her smile and kindness shines through … 🙂 Well..amyway… do not care really about all that. Just a thought. I think she looks beautiful with too. It adds to her beauty and wows the crowd! I love it! And it’s what makes her Dolly Parton.

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