Chasing Rainbows – The Dolly Parton Story Part 1

Español: Estrella de Dolly Parton.

Español: Estrella de Dolly Parton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dolly Parton’s own museum is in the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge Tennessee in her Dollywood theme park.


The museum opened in 2002, it’s a part of the Adventures in Imagination area in Dollywood. Before Dolly opened this museum, she had another museum called Rags to Riches – The Dolly Parton Story at Craftman’s Valley area in Dollywood.


In Chasing Rainbows you can follow Dolly thru’ her life story, from her childhood to what’s happened today.

The museum is divided in segments.

Dolly’s Friends: In the beginning you see a lot of photos with Dolly and her friends like Jane Fonda, Cher, Johnny Cash, Lily Tomlin etc.

Dolly’s Attic: Here you’ll see some of Dolly’s personal items; some of them are from her fans. You can also see Dolly telling stories about the items in this room.

Dr. Robert F. Thomas: In this part you can see a copy of Dolly’s birth certificate and the original doctor’s bag belonging to Dr. Robert F. Thomas who delivered Dolly.

Tennessee Mountain Home: In this replica of the cabin where Dolly grew up, you’ll find her doll “Little Tiny Tassletop” like her father made for her. That doll influence Dolly to write her first song.

Coat of Many Colors: Here you’ll see the coat Dolly’s mother made for her. The lyrics for Coat of Many Colors written on the back of Porter Wagoner’s laundry slip.

Green’s Rolling Store: It’s a replica of the bus that travelled in Dolly’s area where she grew up.

House of Prayer: It’s the replica of the church where her grandfather Rev. Jake Owens personal items belong like his fiddle, par of glasses and her family Bible.

School House: Here you can see how it looks liked when Dolly went to school; it’s a one room house. You can see love letters written to Dolly by her schoolmates etc.

Cas Walker Show: It’s a area dedicated to Cas Walker who introduced Dolly to the show business.

Early Career: Display Dolly’s first record Puppy Love and other things from her start.

Do You, Dolly… Here you can see Dolly’s wedding certificate and a photo of her and her husband Carl Dean.

The Porter Wagoner Show: Here you see costumes from the show belonging to Dolly, Porter, Don etc and Dolly Dolls made by Ann Warden

The Dolly Show 1970s: Here you’ll find costumes Dolly had on her show.

Lyrics: A great area for any fans of Dolly. Here you can see the hand written lyrics of few of her songs.

Movies: Here are the costumes from the movies Dolly have been at like 9 to 5, Steel Magnolia, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Straight Talk etc

Dolly Remembers Porter: Dolly have made a video remembering Porter Wagoner, it also display costumes of Porter.

Awards and Accomplishment: Here you’ll find a lot of Dolly’s Awards that she have won thru’ the years like Grammys, CMA, including a little statue of her; Y’all find the original statue at the Court House in Sevierville. (That’s another trip you have to do while you’re in the area of where Dolly was born).

Listening Station: Here you can listen to Dolly’s music.

Family and Friends: Here you can watch interviews with Dolly’s family and friends.

Ask Dolly: At this place you can ask Dolly, it’s a funny station for a fan, either you’ll learn something new or you know all the answers Dolly is going to tell you.

Dolly’s Closet: It’s one of my favourite parts of the museum; here you’ll see Dolly’s old stage costumes and costumes from her 1980’s show.

Wear Dolly’s Wigs: Have you ever thought how you’ll look like in a wig of Dolly Parton? Here you can try a few of her wig styles…

Imaginary Library: Dolly is talking about her Imagination Library program through Dollywood Foundation.

Family Tree: Here you can see photos of Dolly’s family.

For God and Country: This part of the museum is dedicated for her love to the country.

Rotating Costumes: Here you can see various costumes from Dolly’s career. When I was there in May, I saw costumes from here Better Day World Tour and from the movie Joyful Noise and from show’s she has been visited during the years. I LOVE this part of Chasing Rainbows.

Outside of the Chasing Rainbow you can see and sometimes walk into Dolly’s former tour bus. You’ll have a photo taken there in the bus.

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