Chasing Rainbows – The Story of Dolly Parton Part 2

English: Front of Dolly Parton's Chasing Rainb...

English: Front of Dolly Parton’s Chasing Rainbow museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you’re walking in the Dolly museum at Dollywood, you’re follow the life of Dolly Parton. You’ll see her work as an artist, actress but you’ll also see her as an entrepreneur and what she do for children in USA, Canada and UK through Dollywood Foundation and Imagination Library.

In 1996 Dolly launched the Imagination Library in SevierCounty to promote reading among preschool children there. It got so much interest, so in 2000 Dolly decided to launch Imagination Library nationally. Today it reaches several countries and will in the future reach more countries. The children get books from when they’re 0-5 years.

Dolly has a national literacy board who select the books for the children and Imagination Library is managed by Dollywood Foundation’s Board of Directors.

In 2002 Dolly got the “Chasing Rainbows Award” by the National State Teachers of the Year Organization at the Chasing Rainbows museum in Dollywood.

“Dolly has not only captured the rainbow, but the pot of gold at the end as well,… and a heart filled with gold”

Dolly says: “The kids call me the Book Lady, and I think it’s great!”

Every year the organization honor a special Chasing Rainbows Teacher of the Year “The Spirit of Dolly’s Chasing Rainbow Award” who like Dolly have captured the rainbow and have overcome great obstacles in the life and is helping children to chase their dreams.

There is a display in the Chasing Rainbows museum where the award winning teacher’s name is beside Dolly’s as a reminder to all people to never be afraid to chase their dreams.

One song I think about when I’m writing this blog is Dolly’s song Try. And don’t forget to buy the book Dream More by Dolly Parton in November!

It’s all wrong but It’s all right

Enjoy this song of the day It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right….So beautiful. While you listen to this great soong , you can also read Dolly Parton‘s Biography ; My Life And Other Unfinished Business …

Pigeon Forge

I found a few great videos about Pigeon Forge, It has been difficult to explain how Pigeon Forge looks like.

Go visit Pigeon Forge,Dolly Parton at Dollywood and Dixie Stampede.